Cooling capacity

95/1100 kW

The DC-W Series

The DC-W series, consisting of 16 sizes, has been designed using modules of different sizes and EC-Brushless fans. Thanks to the inclusion of the adiabatic section, the series is able to supply high cooling capacities, close to ambient temperature, thus allowing to reach considerable energy savings.


In its standard version, each unit is manufactured with a pre-painted aluminum frame.
On request, to meet the needs of the most diverse installation sites, we may quote for different surface treatments (epoxy paint, cataphoresis treatment, Blygold treatment) with the aim of preserving the life of the cooler over time.

Heat exchange coils

The heat exchange coils are manufactured with geometries suitable for the most diverse applications and temperatures, with ½” and 5/8” tubes and aluminum fins.
The two coils are V-shaped inside the frame.
Each coil is tested with pressures up to 18 Bar, to guarantee a safe tightness.

The adiabatic technology

Adiabatic cooling is an eco-sustainable and economical choice minimizing the electricity consumption.
Our DC-W series has been designed to meet the ever increasing demand for “free cooling” applications: by taking advantage of the adiabatic saturation of the air it is in fact possible to obtain a much higher efficiency than using a standard dry-cooler.


The units fit EC-Brushless fans with diameter from 800 to 910 mm.


Microprocessor control panel, available also in remote version.