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Our customer support does not end with the sale.
We consider the entire operational life of the machine strategic and on the basis of this principle we are able to offer our customers a series of services that allow you to make the most of our systems, optimizing consumption, increasing performances and reducing production downtime.

Help Desk

Our expert is at your disposal

to provide immediate support or to evaluate with you the most suitable solutions for your needs. Each request is managed through a computerized system that allows us to keep track of the report and builds a data-base for the constant and continuous monitoring of the quality of products.

Spare parts

Our spare parts warehouse, computerized and automated, contains all the components that make up our products,

from weaingr parts to more structured components such as compressors and batteries. The shipment of the parts happens in fast, punctual and traced way, using international couriers. The sale of spare parts normally takes place through the local service center that takes charge of the request and sends it to us, sharing with the customer the updates on the delivery and coordinating with the same - where necessary - the operations for the replacement of the damaged part.


Our staff is trained on both product and production process.

This allows us to offer our customers a first start-up service, thanks to which it is possible to align the cooling system to the production line in a fast and timely way, thus ensuring not only the proper functioning of the system but its operation at the highest performing levels.

Scheduled maintenance

Production comes if a system works.

All our products are supplied with a user and maintenance manual detailing all the actions which are required to ensure a smooth operation of the product over time, confirming its performance. We are in any case structured to offer our customers scheduled maintenance packages: our proposal is always customized and tailored to the customer, including all the interventions aimed at verifying the status of the machines, to ensure their proper functioning and which are mandatory by law according to the type of product and all the factors that must be taken into account.


We offer our customers multilingual training support to teach in a targeted way the staffl who will manage the machines.

The activities can be carried out both at our site and locally or remotely and also include specific courses for the routine maintenance of the machines and the acquisition of the most effective practices to optimize the work and keep the technologies in the best operating conditions. Our local service centers are training on a 6-months basis on product development and new technologies, so that they are always able to support the customer for any need.

Service Network

We rely on the expertise of service centers operating in major international markets.

This allows us to shorten the distances with the customer, facilitating communications and consequently the ability to respond to the request. All service centers record and share with use the requests of each individual customer, helping to build a database that allows us to be updated in real time on the status of each machine.

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