Cooling capacity

30/540 kW

The DC-DH Series

The DC-DH series has been designed using modules of different sizes and suitable fans to achieve the maximum cooling capacity possible with the least footprint on the ground.
Available in two versions: with horizontal or vertical air flow.


In its standard version, each unit is made with a pre-painted galvanized steel frame. On request, depending on the installation site, various surface treatments are available aimed at preserving the life of the cooler.

Heat exchange batteries

They are made with geometries suitable for the most diverse applications and temperatures, with ½” and 5/8″ tube and aluminum fins.
Each battery is tested with pressures up to 18 Bar, to guarantee correct sealing.


The units are equipped with AC fans complete with on-board speed regulation and temperature control.


Microprocessor control panel mounted on board, also available in remote version (option).

Standard supply

Fans speed control
Alarm relay
Remote ON/OFF