Cooling capacity

30/540 kW

The DC-DH Series

The DC-DH series has been designed using modules of different sizes and suitable fans: this optimization allows to get the highest cooling capacity with the smallest footprint on the ground.


In its standard version, each unit is manufactured with a pre-painted aluminum frame.
On request, to meet the needs of the most diverse installation sites, we may quote for different surface treatments (epoxy paint, cataphoresis treatment, Blygold treatment) with the aim of preserving the life of the cooler over time.

Water/air exchanger

The heat exchange coils are manufactured with geometries suitable for the most diverse applications and temperatures, with ½” and 5/8” tubes and aluminum fins.
The coils is placed horizontally and stands on strong supporting legs.
Each coil is tested with pressures up to 18 Bar, to guarantee a safe tightness.


The units fit fans with diameter from 500 to 800 mm. On request, they can be fitted with cut-phase or Inverter-driven fans.


Microprocessor control panel, available also in remote version.